New Pool Construction

From Free Form and Geometric Pools to Infinity pools, Lakeside Pools and Spas offers unique and exciting ideas for your swimming pool and spa.  We have a wide selection of custom pool features including a variety of interior and deck finishes, water features, baja steps, grottos, waterfalls and decorative accent options to make your outdoor living space a reality. Lakeside Pools uses the latest “3D technology” to bring your design to life.  Whether it’s the latest trend, or classic designs. Our team of Sales Design Experts are well equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Construction Process

We understand this is a large and long- term investment.  That’s why we want to prepare you for the building process.  See below to learn about each phase of the pool construction process.

Pool Layout

When the plans have been approved by you and your designer and all necessary permits have been obtained, the construction process begins. Your Customer Care Representative will go over the construction stages with you and help set a meeting to layout your pool and set the elevation.  Your Construction Superintendent will meet with you to pin and paint out your pool. This will help you visualize your project in the backyard.

Excavation – The Dig

This is the first step in the new pool construction process. We always remind our customers that pool excavation is a messy and dirty process. Please be reminded that it is the home owner’s responsibility to clear any planters, decorative rocks, pavers, sprinkler heads/lines etc. that may get in the way of the excavators access. Any fencing in the way of access will be taken down and an excavation crew will start to carefully dig, form and hand-trim your pool in precise accordance with every detail of your swimming pools design specifications. The excavation process usually only takes one day; however, it may take longer depending on the soil conditions or unexpected weather delays.

Hard Dig / Hard Soil

There are a few different unusual soil conditions that could be encountered: hard, rocky, and soft or sandy. A hard dig means the ground in your backyard is too hard for normal digging equipment and the excavation crew must either bring in different equipment or work extra hard to break through. If your yard requires a “hard dig” expect slight delays but don’t stress to much because we will get you back on schedule as fast as we can! All unusual soil condition can cause additional costs to occur. Don’t fret, your Customer Care Representative or Designer will review these with you at the time of the dig.


Once the dig has been completed the excavator will stake forms around your swimming pool. They are there to guide us in the rest of our construction, so please do not tamper with these forms. Most of the dirt from the excavation process will be removed the day of the excavation. Don’t be concerned if some dirt remains, as we will use this for other phases of the construction. If for some reason you would like a portion for landscaping purposes or some other uses, you must let us know where and how much you desire. Be cautioned that if you ask us to leave the dirt and then you decide you do not want to keep it, there will be an extra charge to bring the truck back to remove it. Congratulations! You are well on your way to a new & beautiful pool…

Pool Plumbing/ Equipment Set

Rough plumbing, or “stub out” is completed during this phase. This entails the installation of main drains, skimmers, light niches, return line “stubs” and pre-plumbing of raised spas. The plumbing for each pool is designed specifically to give it the best circulation and filtration for efficiency and ease of maintenance. Once installed we will pressure test the plumbing lines. During this phase all filtration equipment will be plumbed in along with any optional equipment.

Structural Steel

The pool shell is reinforced with #3 steel rebar, placed horizontally and vertically. If you choose our Commercial Grade Construction, the bond beam has 4 bars of #4 rebar for additional reinforcement and long term durability. Structural engineers have already determined the amount of steel needed for your project and we will use that for guidance during this phase.

Electric and Gas

Electrical conduits for pool lights and for pool equipment will be run during this phase of construction. These will be attached to your house foundation or installed in trenches. The breaker box at the location of the pool equipment will be installed and ready for the equipment to be wired up.  In addition gas lines to the pool heater and any auxiliary appliances items will be installed (if applicable). Trenches will be dug to facilitate the electric and gas runs so please mark any sprinkler or drip lines that you want protected along with any plants you want safeguarded. Adding gas appliances can require an upgrade to your gas meter, but this will be taken care of after Startup/Orientation. It will be your responsibility to meet with the gas company to have this accomplished, due to the other gas appliances in your house.

Shotcrete Shell “Concrete”

Pneumatically applied concrete with a compressive strength of 4000psi and added fibers is used to sculpt your pool. The walls and floors are shot at a minimum thickness of six inches. The attention to details and the application process is why our pool shells come with a life time warranty. Once this is complete, if you chose to be responsible for the water cure, you will need to completely saturate the shell of the pool/spa at least 3 times a day. If you cannot be available to water cure, please discuss this with your Customer Care Representative or Designer.

Waterline Tile

After the completion of the shotcrete phase, we will install the tile selection you chose for your pool. Typically this is a 6” tile with 3” exposed above and 3” below the water line.

Coping (Hardscape) & Deck

Size, shape, design, and location future bring to life your backyard dream. Pool decking will reflect the overall theme for the project, including color, pattern, and type. Whether you chose a hardscape deck like Travertine or Pavers, or a concrete poured deck this will be built according to your approved design. Any pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits or custom water features will also be installed during this phase.


At this point we will be ready for a final inspection. In order to call the final inspection, we will need to confirm all barriers are installed in accordance to your municipality. If you chose to be responsible for them, please let your Customer Care Representative know when they are completed. If you chose Lakeside to do them, we will schedule a time to access the home to have them installed.

Interior Finish

At this point the project is nearing completion. We will now remove all construction materials and waste from the construction site and prepare the pool for the interior finish. The pool shell is coated with the material you chose during the design of your project. Different finishes render different effects and moods upon the pool water and therefore the overall appearance of the backyard area. This can be a one or two day process depending on the type of interior finish that you chose. When the coating is finished, we begin filling the pool with water. This should be the final stage of construction.

Start up and Orientation

Once full, your Superintendent or a Lakeside Service Technician will come out to your home to startup all pool and/or spa equipment. Once the equipment has been started up and the pool is fully operational, they will walk you through the maintenance and operations of your pool. This includes everything that you will need to know about routine maintenance on the pool and some troubleshooting tips. If you do have any questions, our trained personnel are only a phone call away.